Cargo pants – fashionable or not?

Many women look at clothes only as a fashion item – but for men, clothes are simply practical items. This is precisely why cargo pants are so controversial in the fashion circles. As the name implies, they’re supposed to help you carry things – mostly achieved by many pockets. The problem is that women claim that the pockets shouldn’t be stuffed with knick-knacks and accessories and that men can simply get a backpack for these. The pockets create a baggy effect, which isn’t currently in vogue… and so cargo pants aren’t very fashionable these days. Stores present mens wholesale trousers like this as work wear, not as a fashion item.

mens wholesale trousersOn the other hand, cargo pants are practical, especially when you want to rely on tools, when out fishing, camping or fixing things. They’re also typically durable with reinforced seams and their color and style options help men project the tough guy image. Women seldom wear cargo pants, but some pick out cargo shorts… and I’ve never seen a girl that keeps something more than a phone in her pockets.

The cargo pockets in this kind of mens wholesale trousers number around six. Not only they can hold items, but they’re also reinforced by double-stitching and made of tough fabric. Cargo pants work great as work uniform on the construction site. Many have straps and loops to attach items as well… and many boys like this style.

While you don’t think of these pants as comfort wear, any piece of clothes you need to wear for 8 hours (at least!) needs to be comfortable, especially when the task is exhausting. That’s why cargo pants quickly evolved into comfortable cargo shorts.

Cargo pants also work for outdoor types – hunters, anglers, sailors, survivalists and military types. And it’s no wonder that there are wholesale men’s trousers for these guys – some are insulated, others are camo-patterned. And anglers and sailors often wade in the water, so many pairs are convertible – if you wet your trouser legs you can convert them into shorts. Many people have embraced cargo pants as hip street wear as well.

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