How to be gorgeous, and plus sized

We all want to emulate the celebrities and the glamorous elites we know from the first pages of glossy magazines – even if we happen to be a couple of sizes larger than them! It’s now not too hard to find elegant wholesale shirts in all sizes – but do they really show that aristocratic chic? If you’re plus-sized lady, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t look classy! Being elegant is just a matter of your clothes size – you need to dress classy and trendy so that you feel confident and comfortable. To accentuate or hide certain areas of your body you simply need to know how the colors, styles and patterns fit you.

wholesale shirtsFirst of all, the most obvious sign of classiness a particular style – it’s the tailored clothes. You don’t want to squeeze inside the small jacket, you want to establish the style to command respect. Your elegant suit jacket needs to be made just for you. Your clothes might be off-the-peg,  mass produced wholesale shorts – but if you take it to a tailor, they will instantly look high-quality. Remember to plan this – if you want to drop some weight, consider this before having your clothes tailored.

You want to mix your elegant clothes and wisely use the colors. Dark colors hide and light colors highlight. You will accentuate your waist if you wear a light belt over a dark shirt. And if you want to put more emphasis on your legs, wear colorful trousers with dark wholesale shirts. If you want to wear stripes, choose diagonal and vertical – they make you taller, while horizontal stripes make you look wider.

You should also look at the brands. A good strategy is to focus on a couple of signature items that will overshadow your cheaper clothes. If you will flaunt these Prada sunglasses, no one will notice that your bandana is the just mass-produced piece of cloth. Shoes are important – they will be the last accent on the outfit, so if you want to look glitzy, ditch these sneakers and pick high heels or at least shiny flats. We could talk about other accessories, but consider one thing: to draw attention to your head and face, go with big hair, and let these curls and pompadours loose!

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