Funny T-shirts and how to present them on-line

I often spot great T-shirt designs online, but many of the designers have trouble with selling them because they don’t present their designs effectively. It’s not just a matter of too much of competition – everything matters about the customized T-shirt. No other garment can convey your personal preferences, tastes, or amuse others with crude, yet funny jokes like Female Body Inspector. So go ahead and present your amusing designs for t shirts wholesale!

t shirts wholesaleAnd you should do it effectively. Many printers on t shirts wholesale had had great designs of their prints… but they did everything possible to not sell them. They laid out their T-shirts on their kitchen counter, took their pictures with cheap cell phones and uploaded them to their Instagram. While the prints might look great, I think that their potential customers wouldn’t trust them with their credit card numbers! Start with thinking like you’re starting a proper store and work on your marketing.

If you want to improve your funny prints, start with talking to your friends and families about funny designs and their display. After all, if something is funny to you, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be funny to others. Try your jokes and memes on them. Remember that many people might be offended by political and religious humor, so stay clear. Avoid bawdy humor as well – especially if your internet store will have children browsing the site!

The simple way to display your humorous T-shirts is simply to get a model. When you’ve talked with your friends, you can ask them if they wouldn’t consider also wearing this shirt – often you can simply give them the shirt they modeled in and pay for their time. If you have some spare place, improvise a small, well-lit studio, but it’s better just go to a park and make photos outside because nothing beats natural lighting. And if you can’t find a model, you might try a mannequin – a realistic dummy or a simple display. Everything’s better than just laying out your funny T-shirts on a counter!

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