How to wear a scarf on your head

There are hundreds or thousands of beautiful colors and patterns of wonderful silk scarves. Boutiques buy hundreds of wholesale scarves and retail customers can have wardrobes full of them. However, they are not just there to keep you warm during the winter – you do not have to tie them around your neck. You can use them in numerous ways and make use of your vast scarf collection!

A popular old school style is to cover your hair, like a retro movie star. Pull your hair back and secure it with the bobby pins. If it’s short, pull it back from your face and neck. If it’s longer, you could try a simple twist and a ponytail – ideally, it should be sleek and don’t create any bumps under the scarf. Pick a large square silk scarf – avoid woolen wholesale scarves. The larger the scarf, the more visible the knot will be.

wholesale scarvesFold the scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Center the side of the scarf on your neck, below the hair. Drape the point of the triangle over your forehead, and hold the two ends in each hand. Pull them over your ears so that they are on top of the top of the triangle. Tie them together into a nice bow, and grab the triangle point to tuck it under the bow. You should have a nice looking headband now.

Instead, you can try a classic hair bow. Lay the square scarf flat and turn it diagonally so that the point faces you. Fold two opposite corners together past the center. Next, create an “envelope” shape, folding the top. You can fold it once again if you want a more narrow strip. You can wear it as a bow now.

There are, of course, many other styles of wearing a scarf on your head, and many other wholesale scarves to wear.

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