Alpaca blends – hot or not?

We all know that alpaca fiber is one of the finest natural fibers on Earth. Lightweight and warm, it also doesn’t itch. For the ancient peoples of South America like Incas, only the ruling class was allowed to wear alpaca garments. Any alpaca sweater It should be considered an investment – alpaca is not just soft and luxurious. It’s also resilient and will last for generations. Alpaca garments are still expensive, sometimes even costing 500 American dollars per sweater! But sometimes you can also encounter sweaters from men’s sweaters wholesaler that cost only ten dollars or twenty dollars in retail. How is it possible, I hear you ask.

men's sweaters wholesalerWell, most of “alpaca” products on the market are just a blend of 20% alpaca hair and other synthetic fibers like acrylic or nylon. This makes the garment feel softer, but still, they’re still just blends. Cheap blends can cause the garment to itch since they use cheaper alpaca hair – thicker and shorter. Of course, you get what you pay for – and there are good quality alpaca blends. For instance, a men’s sweaters wholesaler and producer might blend baby alpaca hair with silk, to create a shiny, soft babysilk. Grown alpaca wool is sometimes even blended with silk, merino wool or acrylic – and the last one is significantly less warm-retaining.

Any men’s sweaters wholesaler might also blend alpaca with animal fibers like mohair, angora or cashmere. And actually the reason for this is not the quality of such garments – but simply to make alpaca more well known and associated with these fine fibers. For this purposes, cotton is also sometimes used.

Many unscrupulous producers sell alpaca wool blends as pure 100% baby alpaca. This should be avoided, and in general, if the item is too cheap to be true it probably isn’t. You should get your alpaca items from respectable vendors who source them from a good men’s sweaters wholesaler.

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