Jeans and shopping for jeans

We all know that it’s hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. There are hundreds of wholesale jeans available on the market, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There is a lot of variables, starting with your own body. You need to know your own shape – not what you want to be or what you remember being, but what should you look like now. If that’s too hard, get a trusted friend to assist you. While you’re at it, take each other’s measurements and learn them.

wholesale jeansBased on your look, you should be able to decide your strong and weak points – are you more of a tummy tucker? Or do you prefer a low rise? Do you want to show off your long legs? Or maybe you want the tapered or flared ends to wear over boots? Some girls are quite proud of your booty and want to show off your curves – and so you can use your measurements to base your style upon it.

How do you decide what style do you want? Well, start by looking at others, and comparing your jeans to others’ – whether people around you or with popular celebrities. If you spot some girl that seems to effortlessly carry her jeans, go to her and ask what’s she’s wearing. Don’t be afraid to offend her, she’ll love it! And if you do overstep, apologize and look further! Look at brand tags or characteristic icons. You don’t need to know all the details, write them down and research them on your own or ask a boutique owner to order such wholesale jeans.

If you are looking to get a nice pair of wholesale jeans online, start by going to the mall. Try on a couple of expensive, quality clothes, but you don’t have to buy them! Later you will research them online and know why and how do they fit you!

And finally, when looking for the comfiest pair of jeans, simply pick the one pair you already love the most and order them. Even if they’re of a lesser-known brand, you will find them. You can look them up online easily – and if you know your measurements, you can find the next best thing.

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