Colorful clothes for work

Everyone seems to know that women simply have more choice in color when it comes to fashion. A woman in a dark red business suit is formally dressed – a man wouldn’t wear a red suit to work. No wonder boutiques offer a lot of business jackets and wholesale trousers in feminine colors. Except in very formal offices, women can choose from a variety of pants and shoe combinations for business appearance.

wholesale trousersVery formal offices, like a bank, a legal company or a consulting firm, often have to conform to the same fashion rules that men do. Observe your male colleagues and go with their color pairings. For instance, black shoes should be worn with black or navy suits. However, speaking of matching shoes and suits, men can’t match navy shoes with a navy suit – women can. This makes the man too sporty but is perfectly elegant for ladies.

In the more business casual environment, like most of the professional companies: for example publishing house, most government offices, stores or customer service, you can relax. Women can have a lot of fun with their color combinations of jackets and trousers. You can match a nice black blazer with red, cobalt, or canary yellow skirt or pants. The producers offer a lot of wholesale trousers in all colors, just for you.

Even for a casual office, especially for creative or IT jobs when contact with clients and customers isn’t expected, women should choose either boldly colored trousers or boldly colored shoes, not both. You’re there to work, not to take part in a fashion show. However, it is your style and fashion sense. If you believe you can handle wearing colorful wholesale trousers with a nice jacket, you can try it even in a solicitor’s office! For example, you could try on an outfit in multiple shades of white. This can be very beautiful and if you have the proper appearance no one would complain.

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