Leggings – what are they, exactly

Leggings are a kind of fashionable wear that is common in both women and men, but I observe that the women use it more than their opposite sex. It is a kind of skin-tight clothing that covers legs and it is available in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs. Producers offer wholesale leggings in all these kinds. Their greatest advantage seems to be that they can be worn with both long and short tops, from T-shirts to dresses and tunics.

Wholesale leggings that are sold nowadays are typically made of the elastic materials like cotton, polyester, lycra, nylon and spandex. Sometimes these are worn in fully exposed manner, to show off your legs. However, most girls wear these leggings under other fashionable clothes, like dresses, shirts, skirts, and shorts.

wholesale leggingsDepending on the designer’s preferences, wholesale leggings may not have seams, zips or buttons. Some of them might have elastic waistbands, front knee seams and hidden back zips. Summer leggings have mesh panels, topstitched seam details, and some other embroidery. Depending on the designer, some leggings might resemble narrow skinny sweat pants with perforated panels, front pockets visible seam details, zippers at the back or even with hooks and eyes.

Often, leggings are not just embroidered. Since cotton and polyester hold print well, leggings are sometimes decorated in many beautiful prints. There are many such prints on the market, but the most common are the snake prints which usually make these leggings very attractive. However, there are many other textures to choose from, especially considering that leggings call basically in matte and brilliant varieties.  When picking a print, you need to also consider that the leggings stretch; often the print might be deformed.

Good quality leggings need to be accompanied by other outfits that match. It is good to know how to choose well the clothes to wear when wearing leggings, especially matching or contrasting tops.


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