What is plus-sized clothing?

Let’s imagine that we’re looking for a new blouse or some other top. If you are thin or fit regular sizes, you will easily find tunic blouses or any other types of wholesale ladies tops. But if you wear anything larger than a size 14 (in the United States) or a 16 (in the United Kingdom) you may need what is commonly referred to as a plus size.

wholesale ladies topsGenerally, any piece clothing that is described as bigger than regular clothing, qualifies as a “plus size”. I am a larger lady myself, and I don’t consider myself “overweight” – this is my natural weight. Generally, those stores that specialise in clothing for the larger woman will stock items from a size 14 (or 16) up to 48. But it isn’t always as simple as this! Different manufacturers have different standards for their wholesale ladies tops and other clothes – XL from one company might be XXL in another. In the UK and US other ways are also used. For example, you might find that a size 14 is too tight fitting, while a 14W will be cut so that it does fit a plumper figure. The W factor (wide) is a popular one used by manufacturers of plus sized clothing.

However, the X factor is still commonly used by the producers of wholesale ladies tops and other clothes, especially in Europe. The clothes are described as extra large (XL) or extra-extra large (XXL) or even extra-extra-extra large (XXXL) and sometimes even bigger (5XL, 6XL…). Of course, if you are able to try the garments on then you will immediately see whether a plus size tunic or any other plus size top fits you. From experience, I can tell you that if you are buying via mail order or from a virtual Internet store, then you should check the catalogue carefully to see how sizing applies to your own measurements.


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