Surfers wear short shorts for boys and girls

Surfers catching a wave or strictly beachwear are what many people think about when someone mentions board shorts. However, today, board shorts are all about fashion and are made for men and women. The stores are full of these wholesale shorts for surfers!

wholesale shortsFor men, these shorts are gathered at the waist and usually have a drawstring. Then there are those that have a small inside pocket just the right size for a house key. Some of the newer styles have a bit bigger pocket, near the bottom of the legs, for a cell phone or other bigger item. The legs of the board wholesale shorts for men range from all the way down to the knee to about mid-thigh range. They are loose fitting legs because when the surfers wore them, they needed a pair of shorts that allowed them to move about without constricting their legs.

These wholesale shorts are popular with beachgoers because of the material they are constructed out of. Most of these types of shorts are made for swimming. They have a blend of nylon and polyester, perfect for water sports. The shorts are also known for their colorfulness. They could look like a tropical floral island plant or a more subdued khaki style for the men.

For the women, board shorts are much smaller then they are on the men. The wholesale shorts for women are more like square short-shorts. The legs are a little loose and they come in a variety of colourful styles. The waistline is flat and sometimes made to look like a belt or regular pants top.

There are floral prints, stripes and solids. Many of the women’s board shorts are for swimming and could be paired with a bathing suit top and make a swimsuit outfit complete. They could also be worn with a halter top or t-shirt for a more casual look.


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