Why does everybody love jeans? Because they’re versatile

Everybody loves jeans! From cheap wholesale mens jeans to exclusive unique brands, the stores are full of these comfortable trousers. Some grim business people seem to despise them in their dress codes. But except these callous corporate drones, everyone loves jeans! They’re a staple of the modern girl and man’s wardrobe and are amazingly comfy and pleasant. If worn well they can present your feminine curves (or that cute masculine butt), but they can work in a professional setting as well. The blue-collar jobs practically require jeans, but the less formal white-collar ones can withstand them too.

wholesale mens jeansRegardless of your gender, the best pair of jeans is one that underscores your figure. I can’t focus on this anymore – fashion, for me, is all about underlining your advantages and balancing the problematic areas.

For instance, if you are an hourglass with the well defined waist, you probably want wide-legged jeans with a mid-rise, flat front. It shows your waist, accentuates your butt, and does not put too much emphasis on your legs. If you are more of a pear with a large bum, you don’t want tapered jeans, so pick a pair with high-rise to shift the weight from the hips to the waist. If you’re rectangular with no waist but wide shoulders, add some curves to your silhouette with flares and boot cuts or pick a pair of wholesale mens jeans with two pockets in the back. More petite ladies will benefit from skinny jeans.

You could also wear a pair of distressed jeans – the various spots or holes draw gazes to your thighs. Alternatively, you could choose darker colours – they look great and slim you a little. You could wear them at work or to a date. Few wholesale mens jeans are colourful, but maybe you could find something like camo print…


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