Techniques of dying wholesale t shirts

If you want to make your own wholesale t shirts and decorate them, you could use several techniques.They vary from digital printing to flock art. These might seem expensive, but remember that once you invest in equipment and training the investment will return the money.

There are many ways of dying cloth – a company can do it quickly without much training if they invest in a specialised DTG printer. But even a single entrepreneur can create their own customised t-shirts with a printer and a press. Another option is embroidery but it would look better on heavier clothes than on wholesale t shirts. Rely on the printer to determine the method used, and the colour of the shirt should match your pattern. Black letters look better on a white shirt than on a brown one.

wholesale t shirtsBut why even print on T-shirts? Well, besides the fashion style, it’s also a way of manifesting your political views. Many people can wear fun T-shirts with politicians they support, manifest their views on various political or cultural events, or even display their attitude towards sex and religion. You might think it’s normal, but in many countries in the world, people don’t want to express their views so openly. Many aren’t used to such freedom and others simply don’t have it. Instead, Indians, Arabs or Chinese prefer to embrace their national culture, displaying significant symbols and historical events in their cultures.

Whether you’re an American, a European or an Arab, wholesale t shirts with custom print are a great gift… and an even better thing to offer in your store. You don’t need a lot to expand your offer – some cardboard and paint, elementary design or computer skills… and some wholesale t shirts. With time you can expand your offer, but it’s easy to start with iron-ons and templates.


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