Putting the bra on – a tutorial for boys and girls

A bra is a crucial part of every modern woman’s wardrobe. The producers of lingerie wholesale offer millions of bra styles and shapes, from padded push-ups to sports bras. Wearing a bra is something ladies do most days, but not everyone gets it right. The following steps present the correct method of wearing your bra:

First, you should stand in front of a mirror and slip arms into bra’s shoulder straps.

Lift the bra up and ensure that the band is just under your breasts.

lingerie wholesaleBend forward and clasp the band in the back and rest your breasts into the cups. Often someone at hand (boyfriend, female friend) might help you especially if you have long fingernails. We’ve all been there!

Then, you should reach behind the bra to hook on the loosest fit first. If it is not tight enough, move up to the second hook and so on. Remember to leave about a finger of space between the band and the body.

Stand upright. Tighten the straps without the bra cutting into the skin or straining the shoulders too much. Too many women wear a bra that hurts them these days! Ask a producer of lingerie wholesale and they’ll say that a lot of ladies buy too small or too large bras. Make sure the back band does not slip up, otherwise it means either the band is too loose or the strap is too tight.

To refine your bustline, slip your palm into the bra with palm cupping slightly behind the back of your armpit. Smooth all excess flesh to the front and make sure the cup contains your breasts entirely. Don’t be ashamed of this, this is only natural.

Face the mirror and check to make sure the back band has not risen up, your nipples should be parallel to the halfway mark between your shoulder and elbow.


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